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Thoughts for a Happy Week

Posted On : September 15, 2020   By : Peter Comrie

by Peter Comrie

  1. PERSPECTIVES… “You can’t look at life through rose colored glasses—they said, forgetting to add—but it’s perfectly okay to see the world through mud-brown lenses”.
  2. WORLDVIEW…     “The difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement”.
  3. THE ONLY PARADIGM… “The way we choose to see the world—creates the world we see”.
  4. NEW WORLD……. “Happiness is a choice and misery is optional, not inevitable…..Imagine if everyone knew that.”
  5. TO SONS AND DAUGHTERS… “My anger says something about me…and nothing about you.”
  6. STATE OF MIND… “Unhappiness exists either as a regret about the past or a worry about the future.  The cure:  BE PRESENT.”
  7. USEFUL DEFINITION… “Loving people means… A) accepting them; B) wanting the best for them; C) being useful in helping them get the best.

    Compiled from the 1980-85 files of Peter Comrie

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