Wednesday, Jun 07, 2023

Pamela Glendinning
Resource Specialist

Full Spectrum Leadership

Pamela Glendinning is your Resource Specialist and the service provider of choice for Employee Benefits with Full Spectrum Leadership. She partners with the best in the insurance industry to provide unique solutions for her clients. She is your trusted advocate, helping you stay informed! Click here to read her blog for the latest insurance news and expert advice. 

Pamela was born in a small town in Saskatchewan and over the years has lived in Calgary, Vancouver and in Kelowna, BC since 1993. These areas have allowed her to further her career in the insurance industry. Living in Kelowna has provided an opportunity to pursue an energetic, action packed lifestyle. Her enthusiasm for life comes through when working with her clients.

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At Glendinning Insurance Services, we work with Employers to offer advice and ongoing service for you, the Business Owner, and for your Employees. We provide custom and unique insurance solutions which increase the security and health of your employees and help nurture a happier team and a more productive workplace.

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